Thursday, December 30, 2010

Desert Flower

Coming Soon in 2011.. You should read the book first( of the same title). It's a great read! At the age of 13 she escaped, through the desert, holding off lions and all sorts of deserts creatures and arranged marriage. She ends up in Europe, was discovered and became a successful supermodel. This is the story about one heroic woman from Africa!

Night Catches Us Exclusive HD Featurette Starring Kerry Washington and A...

Author Examines Generations-Long Black 'Defection from the Jim Crow South'

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration": Isabel Wilkerson Tracks Exodus of Blacks from US South

"The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration": Isabel Wilkerson Tracks Exodus of Blacks from US South

The Warmth of Other Suns is an epic of a book penned by Isabel Wilkerson, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. Wilkerson takes on the entire migration of African-Americans from the segregated South and its Jim Crow laws to the North and the so-called land of opportunity. This is a point of American history that has been largely ignored.

This is a book that all of America should engage!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Witch Hunt in the Dominican Republic

There is a Witch Hunt occurring in the Dominican Republic. Currently the government of the Dominican Republic is denying the children and grandchildren of Haitian Immigrants access to legal copies of their birth certificates. It seems that having "extremely dark skin" and a "weird last name" is an indication that one's nationality may be questionable. The major problem is that the Haitians in question are legal citizens of Dominica; ( in accordance with the Constitution) for they were born in the country; yet, they are having to fight court battles for up to four years to get legal copies of birth certificates. Without copies of their birth certificates, Haitians are unable to enroll in high school, University, maintain or acquire employment. This means that the government of the Dominican Republic is seeking to denationalize its Haitian citizens. In doing so, Haitians are being marginalized, pushed to the edges of society in Dominica. Haitians are forced to work for pennies and accept the crumbs thrown their way. Moreover, they are being rendered powerless and voiceless. Dominica is essentially creating a New Slave State! Now this is CAPITALISTIC! Its Capitalism at its best-Pure evil and oppressive!
Oh! The injustice of it all!

George Washington Carver, scientist

George Washington Carver, scientist

Mary McLeod Bethune, educator

Mary McLeod Bethune, educator

This was an Educator!

Maya Angelou's Archive Comes to The Schomburg Center | The New York Public Library

Maya Angelou's Archive Comes to The Schomburg Center | The New York Public Library

The Schomburg acquires the writings and papers of Maya Angelou.

Understanding Black Theology: A 40-Year Retrospective

Understanding Black Theology: A 40-Year Retrospective

This would be a time for you to learn about black theology if you do not know what you believe! Take a look.

Friday, November 26, 2010

When I Came Home - Watch the Documentary Film for Free | Watch Free Documentaries Online | SnagFilms

When I Came Home - Watch the Documentary Film for Free | Watch Free Documentaries Online | SnagFilms

This documentary allows soldiers to arrest their voices and tell their stories about war and returning home to America. It here for you to see for free. Listen to what's happening to African-American soldiers when they return home from war.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

African American Lives 2 | PBS

African American Lives 2 | PBS

In case you missed this last February, now is the time to check out African American Lives part #2. Dr. Henry Louis Gates is the creator and host of the program.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum

An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum

This is Tim Wise's Letter to the Tea Party, the Republicans and all of their Crazy, Racist supports! It is Riveting, filled with Passion and Powerful! It set off a firestorm among the Racist he targeted! He basically calls them immature children who engaged in nothing more than political temper tantrums to get their political way. He warns them to enjoy it because it won't last long. He asserts that perseverance is stronger than anything the hare-being them (a reference to the tortoise and the hare) can invent. He tells them that their kind is dying out; they will be gone soon, and then the children can be taught the truth about humanity. All people are created equal and as such are entitled to an equal share on God's earth!
I could not have said it better myself!!!!
Three cheers for Tim Wise!
Please take the time to read this Call to Action!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Edwidge Danticat: Stories of Haiti | Video on

Edwidge Danticat: Stories of Haiti | Video on

This is one of my favorite writers. She is an amazing story teller. She, too, is on a crusade to end poverty. The heart of her matter is Haiti. She is speaks of what Haiti brings to the world-Alexander Dumas, the writer of the Three Musketeers and Jean Baptist De Sable, founder of Chicago just to name a few. Zora Neal Hurston even penned her masterpiece Their Eyes Were Watching God in Haiti. Yes, Haiti brings something to the world. Haiti has been a place of the strong and it remains so today.

Jessica Jackley: Poverty, money -- and love | Video on

Jessica Jackley: Poverty, money -- and love | Video on

Poverty is on my top ten list of things I hate the most. This is a profound speech about poverty and the perceptions it creates about people. Listen to Jessica Jackley and her insights regarding poverty.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Free Samples

Free Samples

If your are anything like me, you will appreciate this blog site. COUPONS! COUPONS! COUPONS!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Arianna Huffington - Third World America

This is a new book by Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post. According to Ms. Huffington, America is quickly creating a, Thirdworld, the great gulf between those who have and those who have not or the rich and the poor, within its own boundries.

The injustice of it all!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am slave {1/8}

This movie, I Am Slave, is based on a book I read in 2004 entitled Slave by Mendi Nazar. It is about a young girl of 12 who was enslaved after her village was attacked and demolished by Arabic Muslims. Mendi was held in slavery for 6 years by an Arabic family. Afterwards, They sent her to London to be a slave in London for the sister of the women who was her master. In London Mendi took advantage of an opportunity and escaped from her enslavement. Mendi wrote about her travails in the aforementioned book. There are 8 parts to this movie on Youtube; I am only posting one. You can check it out for yourself. Oh! I you read the book, for I am sure it is filled with details that could not be contained and a one to two hour movie. It will blow your mind!

The Injustice of it all!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

At the Dark End of the Street book video

At The Dark End of The Street: Black Women, Rape and Resistance-A New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks ...

This is a new book by Danielle L. McGuire. It seems that there is a new perspective regarding the abuse that women of African descent underwent during slavery and beyond. Even today with the racist statements made about First Lady, Michelle Obama, concerning her place, racism's nefarious head continues to grow. Media pundits and talking heads from left to right and all things in between exclaim that her vacation abroad to Spain was somehow problematic, excessive and undeserved.
According to the mob, She had moved beyond and out of her place. Now if that is not a throw back to slave language and racism, I don't know what is! Moreover, I was a bit taken aback when Michelle Martian, a black journalist, who is the host of NPR's Tell Me More weighed in with her disdain regarding the issue of the First Lady's vacation.

All the jibber about Mrs. Obama's trip abroad is and was nonsensical. I wondered. What's the point? The throw-back language quickly revealed the point, and I knew, as I have always known, that racism is a moving, breathing being that is alive and well in America today. It continues to execute it's grandest efforts to oppress black women.

Oh and by the way, this sort of mob mentally and heard tactic alone demolishes the myth of a so-called Post-Racial American. The very notion is simply a ploy to let racist Americans off the hook!

The book, At the Dark End of The Street, speaks to the historical, traditional abusive behavior America has unleashed towards black women's bodies expressed as rape and molestation. It opens anew the hidden truth about the race based hatred black women have endured in America and how they resisted then and why they should resist it now!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rachel Maddow Deconstructs Fox News Targeting White Voters

Rachel Maddow Deconstructs Fox News Targeting White Voters



Today would have been Michael Jackson's 52nd birthday. As I listened to The Reverend Al Sharpton's radio show this morning, I heard these words being spoken by Michael Jackson himself.. He basically says that as soon as he broke all album sales records, he became fodder for the press overnight. Instantly he became a pervert who hates being black to the point of bleaching his skin, a freak, a child molester etc... Michael speaks of the media's conspiracy regarding him. Michael says that the media does not tell the truth.

I am inclined to agree with Michael Jackson. The media has used propaganda against blacks who they think need to be put back in their place for years!!!

You be the judge. Listen to Michael Jackson speak his truth!!!!!

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A People's History of American Empire by Howard Zinn


The truth is stranger than fiction.

The Schott Foundation - 50 State Black Boys Report

The Schott Foundation - 50 State Black Boys Report

This is The Schott State Report on Black Males & Education. Generally it says that the public school system is sorely failing Black Males. They are dropping out of high school at alarming rates and as a result, are unable to engage institutions of higher learing. New Jersey is the only state to show Black males graduation rates at 65% or better. The gap between black males and white males is alarming and even show that there has been gross digression on the part of Black Males and education in the United States public school system.

What's the point?

The point is that there must be a smarter investment made in an effort to educate Black Males all around the country.

We will either pay on the front end, or we will pay on the back end when Black males are housed in prisons across the nation, and in every way, that will be a much higher cost!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


It's Time to End Africa's Mass Rape Tragedy

Led by Leymah Gbowee, African women go on a sex strike to demand an end to sexual violence-rape and molestation of women and girls. It seems that the married women gave their husbands an ultimatum; there would be no sex until the violence especially the sexual violence was put to an end! Gbowee calls women to raise havoc and end sexual violence all over africa. She has also taken a page from the Civil Rights Movement by using sit-ins and other nonviolent demonstrations to press the issue!

To say that the women got the full attention of the men would be a mere understatement!

WIW: Albright on Obama

WIW: Albright on Obama<


How Dr. Laura Exploits Her Show's Callers

How Dr. Laura Exploits Her Show's Callers

Ignorance analyzed!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The End Of Poverty

The End Of Poverty

The End OF Poverty is an award winning documentary that explores the historical and traditional reasons for the abject poverty that exist in what we know today as the Third World. The documentary suggests that this poverty was not by chance but was instituted by a systematic and malevolent set of circumstances put into play by Europe. From Military conquest to slavery and colonization, the results amounted to loss: there was the seizure of lands, treasures and other natural resources. Also, human souls were stolen and enslaved for the purpose of forced/free labor. This amounted to wealthy countries exploiting poor countries and producing the global poverty that exist in Africa, Bolivia, Haiti, and many other Third Word Countries today.




Friday, August 13, 2010

Dr. Laura Schlessinger apologizes for repeated use of N-word with caller to her radio show -

Dr. Laura Schlessinger apologizes for repeated use of N-word with caller to her radio show -

Black people be aware that angry white mobs are waiting to attack the next black person walking down the road. Please be aware of white anger and white victimhood. They blame black people, Mexican illegal immigrants and The black President of the United States. They play the victim so well and are always looking to lash out. Dr. Laura Schlessinger is this type of person. People like her are always looking for some way to excuse their behavior or way of thinking. Listen to the audio and you be the judge.

On another note, why would any African-American call a white woman and expect any solidarity??????

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tim Wise-The Pathology of White Privilege Part 6/6

Tim Wise-The Pathology of White Privilege Part 5/6

Tim Wise-The Pathology of White Privilege Part 4/6

Tim Wise-The Pathology of White Privilege Part 3/6

Tim Wise-The Pathology of White Privilege Part 1/6

Tim Wise speaks about the pathology of White Privilege and how poor whites are lured in to generational poverty by their whiteness.

Tim Wise: On White Privilege (Clip)

Who Exactly Is A Jew? Dr. John Henrik Clarke 2/

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who Exactly Is A Jew? Dr. John Henrik Clarke 1/

A Great and Mighty Walk, Part 8 - Dr. John Henrik Clarke

A Great and Mighty Walk, Part 7 - Dr. John Henrik Clarke

A Great and Mighty Walk, Part 6 - Dr. John Henrik Clarke

A Great and Mighty Walk, Part 5 - Dr. John Henrik Clarke

A Great and Mighty Walk, Part 4 - Dr. John Henrik Clarke

A Great and Mighty Walk, Part 3 - Dr. John Henrik Clarke

A Great and Mighty Walk, Part 2

A Great and Mighty Walk, Part 1

This is my favorite historian! Take a listen. At this time he is blind from reading and studying so many books. He sits and talks the history of blacks.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hip Candy: New Music: Lauryn Hill's "Repercussions"

Hip Candy: New Music: Lauryn Hill's "Repercussions": "New Music! From Lauryn Hill, still unreleased, will it be a new, long awaited single from her? Guess we'll have to wait and see..."

This is new music from the Great Lauryn Hill!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mad Men: 5 Black Ads That Drive Us Nuts

Mad Men: 5 Black Ads That Drive Us Nuts

This is a post from a website I came across in my daily investigations. The website is the What do you think about the commercials???

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jessica Care Moore "Warriors Walk Alone" (S01 E04)

Listen up!!!

Jessica Care Moore "Warriors Walk Alone" (S01 E04)

Listen up!!!

Jessica Care Moore "Warriors Walk Alone" (S01 E04)

Listen up!!!

Jessica Care Moore "Warriors Walk Alone" (S01 E04)

Listen up!!!

Jessica Care Moore "Warriors Walk Alone" (S01 E04)

Listen up!!!

Jessica Care Moore "Warriors Walk Alone" (S01 E04)

Listen up!!!

Jessica Care Moore "Warriors Walk Alone" (S01 E04)

Listen up!!!

Jessica Care Moore "Warriors Walk Alone" (S01 E04)

Listen up!!!

Jessica Care Moore "Warriors Walk Alone" (S01 E04)

Listen up!!!

Jessica Care Moore "Warriors Walk Alone" (S01 E04)

Listen up!!!

Jessica Care Moore "Warriors Walk Alone" (S01 E04)

Listen up!!!

Jessica Care Moore "Warriors Walk Alone" (S01 E04)

Listen up!!!

Chris Abani muses on humanity | Video on

Chris Abani muses on humanity | Video on

This is Chris Albani speaking about humanity. He uses the South African word "Ubuntu" which means " The only way for me to be human is for you to reflect my humanity back to me." He also speaks about being entangled in the Biafran war with his brothers and sisters and his mother. He said that he never once saw his mother cry through out their ordeal of living in several refugee camps. It was not until the family arrived at an airport in Lisbon when a woman, after hearing their story, emptied her suite case giving them all of the clothes and toys that his mother cried. Later he asked her about her tears and she said, "You can steal the heart against all kinds of cruelty, but one act of kindness will unstitch it." This is a powerful!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rachel Maddow: Fox News To White People: Be Very Afraid! Black People Ar...

Rachel Maddow - Fox Assissination (1) Kills Again - Shirley Sherrod

Rachel Maddow: Fox News Advancing Age-Old ‘Scare White People’ Political Strategy
by Glynnis MacNicol | 9:39 am, July 22nd, 2010
While President Obama may be trying to avoid diving into the racial fray Rachel Maddow jumped right in last night.

In a fairly devastating segment Maddow tied this week’s Shirley Sherrod debacle to previous cases, dating back to the Sixties, of politicians and the media using “scare white people” tactics to generate support.

At and after the Civil Rights era the political strategy of terrifying white people by the threat posed by black people, black people coming to get them, coming to take what’s rightfully theirs, that strategy got a new name, the Southern Strategy…it about making white people feel like they are the victims of black people. Black people are the racists…it’s good politics, it always has been in this country. It still is.

Maddow then aired a series of, it should be noted, rather selective soundbites of conservative personalities including Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and a variety of Fox News clips — “crusades” including Van Jones, ACORN, and the new Black Panthers — all of which touched on the same theme: white people are the victims.

Maddow is certainly not the first to draw this conclusion, though there are signs that, justified or not — you’d be hard-pressed to paint the entire network in this light — this is going to be a new theme for critics of Fox. Dave Weigel also briefly touched on a similar point in his excoriation of Megyn Kelly the other day, pointing our her fear mongering of the DOJ with the Black Panthers story was reminiscent of the 1966 rumor that flew around “that black gang members on motorcycles were going to head from Chicago to ransack Des Moines.”

However, Maddow sees the trend as being network-wide.

What do the four major Fox News only stories of the Obama era have in common? The four major stories, pressed and pushed relentlessly on Fox, over and above the facts, as their own make up the news cycle you wish you had narrative that they want to pin on the Obama administration?…Van Jones, ACORN, the New Black Panthers, and Shirley Sherrod….This isn’t about racism, this isn’t a story about picking on black people. This is a story about political outcomes…a strategy to feel afraid of black people. To feel afraid of African American people as if they are not fellow Americans, rather a threat to what white people have…This is a political strategy, advanced not by a news organization, but by political activists who use a cable channel as a political outlet and they are pros at this, there is no reason to expect them to stop doing stuff like this. Unless it stops working some day.

Watch below.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

3 - The Space Traders - Dir. Reginald Hudlin

2 - The Space Traders - Dir. Reginald Hudlin

1 - The Space Traders - Dir. Reginald Hudlin

1 - The Space Traders - Dir. Reginald Hudlin

This a movie entitled Space Traders. It is based on a short story written by Derrick Bell.

In sum, America is at its wits end. The economy is busted. Suddenly Space Traders appear and offer the American Government the money to make the country rich again if they will give up all of the African-Americans. Well, you can predict the end... Whites who have longed believed that African-Americans are a drain on "their" country give up the goods. Blacks are marched off American soil like slaves at gunpoint into space ships.

See for yourself!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mothers Raising Girls to be Single

I found this on Black Voices. I thought It was worth posting. Maybe some black mothers should examine this question? What do you think

Her mother very rarely talked about the good qualities of her late father, Audrey Irvine says.


Audrey Irvine's father died when she was 3, leaving her mom to raise three kids
Mom struggled and made sure her daughters knew how to support themselves
Columnist rarely heard much about her dad because mom was so busy
Irvine wonders whether single moms unwittingly raise their daughters to be single

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- As a single black woman, I am tired of people and the media moaning about why black women can't find successful black men willing to marry them.
"Nightline" dedicated a show recently to this situation, offering the explanation that the available pool of successful black men is rather slim. The 2000 U.S. Census also found 1.8 million more African-American women than black men. A recent Yale study found that 42 percent of African-American women are unmarried, compared with 23 percent of white women.
I know the numbers don't lie, but after talking with friends, I realized there is another factor that has nothing to do with race. As the daughter of a single parent, I wonder whether are we raising our daughters to be single as well.
My father died when I was 3, leaving my mother to raise three kids on her own. My mother was adamant about raising her kids to be independent, self-sufficient members of society. I remember while growing up always hearing "find a way to take care of yourself and have your own."
My mother would punctuate each comment with the reminder that she had to figure it out after my father died. She did not want to see her children face the same fate.
Parents instill their unrealized hopes and dreams into their children's future. But it is also possible to fill us with their fears. I didn't realize that I was the byproduct of my mother's obvious fear that her kids would somehow be unprepared for the struggles and heartache that she had faced.
Years later, I recall having a great conversation with my mother on how she met my father. I always cherished those moments when she would share any detail about him. While telling this story, my mother's face lit up and she was laughing, then she started to cry. I realized that 30 years later, she still missed him.
She felt cheated because he had left so soon. I knew at that moment that my mother had filled me with her anger and sadness over losing my father. I realized I had never been told by my mother what to expect from a man, so all this time I had been flying blind.
What about those women who had to grow up hearing complaints that their father was never around. What about those mothers who have faced a bitter divorce? Are they projecting all their drama on their kids as well? Has this created a generation of hurt, angry women who only know how to be single?
One of my girlfriends is the product of divorce. She lived with mother, who took every opportunity to talk badly about her father. When her father remarried, her mother became bitter.
She would make disparaging comments about the new wife, calling their marriage a sham. At no point did my girlfriend receive any positive feedback about her father. She has since spent the longest time avoiding any man that reminds her of her father.
I won't say that my childhood experience is the sole reason for all the other unmarried successful women. However, it does provide some potential insight as to what may be holding women back from finding that potential mate.
Before my mother died three years ago, we were able to have the conversation I wished I had had as a teenager. I got to hear that my father was a humble, hardworking man with an incredible sense of humor.

She was finally able to hang up her fears and let me know that the man I am looking for is still out there. Despite the statistics that are thrown our faces daily, I remain hopeful knowing that my parents will be proud when that choice is made.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Education Secretary: More Black Male Teachers Needed -

Education Secretary: More Black Male Teachers Needed -

Serena & Venus Williams: Fashion Match

Serena & Venus Williams: Fashion Match

Black Writers/Black Literature

I thought this article written by Bernice McFadden regarding the ghettoizing of black writers and black literature was an interesting and thought provoking read. She says that white writers who write about African-Americans are lauded and receive more accolades for their work than do African-Americans who write about the same subjects. Moreover, the writings of whites are viewed as universal and marked as such. Similar works by African-Americans are marginalized and receive little to no marketing as universal works. She argues that this difference is related to one thing only-RACISM! It seems that whites who write about blacks do an excellent job of maintaining White Supremacy and Black Inferiority which is always the goal in America. The article is published in the Washington Post and entitled Why Can't Black Writers Escape the Literary Ghetto.

Read it for yourself. A link is provided. What do you think??

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Pt. 3

Part #3

Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Pt. 2

Please take the time to learn something about real American HIstory! This truth is always left out! Black had developed their own economic power and hateful white people destroyed that! The did not want African-Americans to have anything in America. From what I have seen in politics, the sentiment from them is the same. They don't want health care for all. They don't want the banking system saved which is best for all of America. They don't want tax breaks for the middle class. They don't want! they don't want! They don't want. The only thing they do want is to save and protect their way of life!

Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Pt. 1

Friday, July 2, 2010



Everybody is looking for LOVE these days!

What is LOVE?

This is an age old question, and it still remains.

For the Bible thumpers.... 1 Corinthians 13 is the LOVE book of the Bible. I will relay the meaning of LOVE from that book for those who are unfamiliar. "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. it is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in with truth. It always protects, always trust, always hope, always perseveres."

I like what bell hooks lays out as her definition of love in her trilogy on black LOVE. In sum, she says that caring for people-feeding them, clothing them or meeting other needs is not a real indication of LOVE. Shocking huh! I tend to agree with her assessment since there are many parents who abuse or kill children they have housed and clothed etc... Also, there are several husbands who care for families whom they turn around and murder. She says, instead, that real LOVE is LOVE that does what is spiritually right for the other person involved.

Think about. Real love is love that does what is spiritually right for the other person.

My take on LOVE after much of my own life experience, observations and courses of study has certainly evolved.

Today the world is full of evil people who would do harm to those who are isolated, those who are vulnerable and those who are looking for relationship and LOVE.

I have learned not to be deceived by the media's, all forms, ideas/images of LOVE and have surmised that LOVE coming from another human is broken at best. Yes! that is what I said. Any LOVE that you will get from another human will be broken, and that will be the best that they can give you. They will hurt you accidently! They will lie to you! They will surely disappoint you! The LOVE will be broken because every human is broken and born into sin-saved or not-there is still the existence of brokeness. You will never get perfect love from another human being.

Martian Luther, the church reformer, discussed two types of love in his theology on grace. He referred to one type of LOVE as common. This common Love is a love given to all. It allows humans to love and care for their families. This common love that Luther refers to is that broken love that I am discussing. The common LOVE that you will get from another human being, no matter how great it may be, will be broken at best!

The only perfect LOVE comes from the only perfect person-JESUS!

Knowing this allows me to keep the expectations I have for people whom I am in relationship with in perspective to their humanity and my humanity!

Think about it!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Post-Racial What!!!????? America!!!

The idea that there is a so-called Post-Racial America does not exist. What exactly does that term mean and isn't that all relevant to the times at hand? I assure you that Race is alive and well in America. It will never die! It is the foundation on which America was built. Whatever will Racist do if we actually lived in a Post-Racial America. Moreover, the election of a black president is no indicator of the ablution of Racist and their Racism. In fact, racist crawled out of their closets and popped up from hell to attack the President and his family in every way their hearts desire. They continue to attack and as far as I am concerned, the attacks are all based on race. The idea that some whites believe that they are better than African-Americans, Africans and any other person of color is absurd. All of this nonsense is based on the fact that white people are white and black people are not. The older I get the more ridiculous the idea! In addition, Racist whites have historically and traditionally painted blacks as if they are outside of the grace of God.

Let's take Pat Robinson's comments about the Haitians in response to the tragic 2010 earthquake. He basically said that Haitians are outside of the grace of God because of some illedged pact made with the devil 200 years ago during the time when Haiti beat back Napoleon and his French army to win their freedom. This statement is based on race and only race. He looked at their black skin, demonized and dehumanized them and was quick with his mouth to contextualize those black people in some social location of "the cursed". This is what Racist have done for centuries concerning blacks. This comes from the The slave Owners Manual and it begs the question, What's the difference between them and Mr. Robinson who calls himself a minister of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How does his comments glorify God? Does his comments uplift the church? Do they encourage the people of Haiti to survive. What I will say to Mr. Robinson is this: sometimes the greatest gift we can give humanity is our silence.

Rush L. is just another hateful, vicious racist who needs to go take a pill.

"The heart of man is evil and desperately wicked above all else."
"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of the Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods."
Albert Einstein


"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
"If you gaze into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you"

Friedrich Nietzche