Friday, December 28, 2012

The End of Poverty? | Watch the Documentary Film Free Online | SnagFilms

The End of Poverty? | Watch the Documentary Film Free Online | SnagFilms

This film clearly explains why the rest of the world is poor-steeped in POVERTY and Europeans-white people have a great deal of the earth's resources and wealth. Europeans basically robbed every nation of all kinds of CAPITAL: Human and Physical and Land and Labor! They are so far ahead of others because they operated like the devil operates.... 
"The thief comes to Kill, steal, and destroy..." and boy did they lie!

Magic Johnson’s New ASPiRE TV Network Goes Live ('Different Starts Now') | Shadow and Act

Magic Johnson’s New ASPiRE TV Network Goes Live ('Different Starts Now') | Shadow and Act

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Mike Huckabee

Dear Mr. Huckabee,

If you knew anything about the God of Christianity, you would not make such ignorant statements. Saying something to the effect that the chaos of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is a result of God being put out of the school system shows that you don't know God at all! If you knew the Christian God, you would know that this God can't be put out of any place. If Christians were employed and present at Sandy Hook Elementary School on that dreadful day, and it is highly probable, then so was God because God lives in his people.
Mr. Huckabee your binary thinking lacks depth and any sort of spiritual intelligence/logic. In fact it shows that your spiritual IQ is extraordinarily low. Moreover, your statements are insulting to the memory of the teachers, the principal and  the LSSP who gave their lives trying to save children. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Forgotten Things

A thought after having read James Baldwin's The Devil Finds Work: 

Forgotten things are undone! 

Indeed the Devil is not unemployed! Along the way he is assisted in his work endeavors by men. These men allow the devil to use them to commit the most heinous acts and unspeakable crimes against humanity. The mall shootings in Organ; the school shootings in CT, reminds me of the act of forgetting, the disappearing act, America likes to perform after the worst of anything has passed.

Puff.....Poof....... all...... gone!

Because of the healthy disrespect towards history and facts and truth that abides in certain segments of America-Americans forget! As a result, we, in America keep living the same nightmare over again and again.

School Shootings
Mall Shootings
Shooting Chicago's children
Shooting black children
Black males lynched by guns: walking home from stores
sitting in the back seat of vehicles 
Police bullet lynch black, elderly Veteran in his home
Luby's shooting
Movie theater massacre 
Postoffice shootings
Gym shootings
University massacre
Urban shootings
Suburban shootings
It's everywhere
And there is no escape
For we are America
We are Society

Guns are/have become weapons of mass destruction; they do not belong on our streets; they do not belong in the hands of ordinary citizens.  Guns especially automatic rifles must be heavily regulated!

When will we in America REMEMBER and change the nightmare into a dream, one that includes all Americans?

If we simply turn our heads and hearts and return to our lives after the hype around the CT school shootings, we will become undone again because the forgotten things are undone!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Doctor Bello Trailer (A Tony Abulu Film) - Black Ivory Communications- H...

Toussant L'Ovuerture-Haiti

Toussant L'Ouverture was an African slave in Haiti. He and 600 other Africans, held in slavery, staged the first successful uprising,  or revolt, against the great Napoleon Bonaparte and the French army. This is the only time in the history of the world in which African slaves won their freedom and established a sovereign nation-Haiti. After winning their freedom and nation Toussant called for the freedom of Africans in America.

Toussaint Louverture Movie Trailer

Monday, October 22, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Urban Politico

The Urban Politico

President Barack Obama's Interview with Jon Stewart!

The Urban Politico

The Urban Politico

Criminals masqurading as police-NYPD is hunting African-American and Latino males like they are animals! So what's new about that??? The fact that it's now policy set forth by New York's state gov is NOT shocking giving it's crimainal past and it's racist present. The right to violate Human and Civil Rights is the "New Law and Order" of the land!

The Urban Politico

The Urban Politico

The Stop and Frisk pigs are at it again!

The Urban Politico

The Urban Politico

Shots fired!!!!!!!!!!!!! And who is surprised about this??? When things don't go the way the Victimized Majority thinks it shoould, they always resort to shooting, murder, slander and the like.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Guns Are an Idea Whose Time Has Passed": Poet, Scholar Nikki Giovanni on the Va. Tech Massacre

"Guns Are an Idea Whose Time Has Passed": Poet, Scholar Nikki Giovanni on the Va. Tech Massacre
Nikki Govanni recounts the Virginia Tech shooting years later. She says that Guns have out lived their value and are an uncessary weapons in the hands of "fools" today!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Democratic Womanism": Poet and Activist Alice Walker on Women Rising, Obama and the 2012 Election

"Democratic Womanism": Poet and Activist Alice Walker on Women Rising, Obama and the 2012 Election
The Great and profound Alice Walker speaks with Amy Goodman of Democracy Today. The occasion is the 30th anniversery of Ms. Walker's award winning book The Color Purple. Womenism, Democracy & the Folley of men, war & destruction are also of note.  Alice Walker-ever insignful, always brings intellectual DRAMA, in the best way!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Can the black middle class survive?

Can the black middle class survive?

This thought provoking article, Can the Black Middle Class Survive? was written by Steven Gray of A Black president is in the White House, yet African-Americans are suffering more than any other group in America. The unemployment rate for African-Americans is through the roof at 14% plus. Steven aptly writes that America is loosing it black middle class-a group that is good for America-which will result in complete chaos!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Public Library-Reading is the greatest way to Subvert the OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM! 

INPRINT is an extension of the University of Houston's Fine Arts Program. Along with a series of writing classes for the community, Inprint sponsors a yearly Reading Series that brings some of the most renowned contemporary writers of our time to Houston, Texas.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

RANDOM: Symbols of Death in AncientTimes

If you are like me, and you have noticed the statues built in memory of ancient warriors, then you may have wondered about the meaning of each statue.

a.   If there is a statue and the horse is on all four legs, the person died of natural causes. 

b.  If the house has one leg lifted, the person died from a wound in battle. 

c.  If the horse has two legs lifted, the person died in battle. 

"Black Freeloaders

Mitt Romney seems to think that all black people in America are freeloaders.  

Whiteness, in all of it's ugly glory is on display! It continues to show it's depravity and emptiness, and as the old folks would say, it has shown its behind!

To call ALL African-Americans freeloaders is to fly in the face of historical accuracy (the redaction and revision of history). Frankly, on some level, there is no real adherence to historical accuracy in America. Read a high school history textbook and you will see how information is glossed over or systematically omitted. 

If the truth about history were taught in America, Mitt Romney would never have been able to formulate such words in his mouth; he would know the truth, which is that people of European descent/white people as a group would best be described as The Universal Freeloader. Historically, they went about from country to country-nation to nation destroying, pillaging, raping, murdering and enslaving people who did not look like them. It is because of the free labor of  these people of African descent,  of Asian-Indian descent, of Indian descent and more who created the wealth that white people  around the world so enjoy today. 

Due to their "internalized whiteness" white people believe that they "worked" for what they have. They believe that what they have is the result of merit. They believe they are entitled to all the wealth in the world. They never consider the fact that, especially in America, they did not work for anything! They have what they have because of historical, traditional Affirmative Action and set aside programs. Programs put in place before Roosevelt and during his development of the New Deal policies. Under these policies people of African descent were declared the "eternal anti-neighbor"  and as such are not entitled to the things of  that excluded African-Americans on all levels. 


Things Fall Apart is a fascinating story written by Chinua Achebe. It is the story of how white missionaries' idea of civilizing savage Africa through the use of Christian ideals assaulted Nigerian IBO culture forever. The book describes an authentic African tribal life before and after white missionaries arrive. Okonkwo, The main character, is flawed but sympathetic. He spends a great deal of time trying to avoid the weaknesses of his father. If you do not know or understand the story of African colonization, this is a great read! It creates a vivid and compelling picture of what transpired between Africans and white colonizers.

Clip On Intergenerational Movement Building, from New Film Featuring Angela Davis and Tim Wise, in Conversation

Clip On Intergenerational Movement Building, from New Film Featuring Angela Davis and Tim Wise, in Conversation

Clip of Tim Wise discussing Allyship and Solidarity, from New Film, Featuring Angela Davis and Tim Wise in Conversation

Clip of Tim Wise discussing Allyship and Solidarity, from New Film, Featuring Angela Davis and Tim Wise in Conversation

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thank You Gabby and Ron

Thank You Gabby and Ron: Sign our card thanking Gabby for her service and congratulating Ron on his big win!

Tell Gabby Thank you!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rough Crossings 1/9

Rough Crossing is about the intersection of African, American and British History. It begins with African slaves who fought for the British during the American Revolution in 1776, upon the promise of freedom. "Come over to our side and we will give you your freedom!"  At war's end, these veteran slaves were transported to Nova Scotia only to find that they were met with more vicious, hardcore, white racist and barren land. "There was a degrading and unjust prejudice towards blacks." They were not much better off than slaves. Eventually 1,192 blacks, under the leadership of John Clarkson, a white Brit working for the Sierra Leone Company, signed on to be transplanted back to Africa where they hoped for complete freedom in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Africa. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Black Women, Image and Respect

No Disrespect | Bitch Media

From the moment, black women set foot on American shores, there has been an issue concerning her Black Female/Woman Image and Respectability! Black Women receive a minuscule amount of Respect in the world, and she has to fight for that!  White male slavers and their women started this process of dehumanization. They, then, passed the baton to black men (especially those of the hip hop persuasion)  who continue to break world records in this race against the black woman, her image, her children, her accomplishments and her contributions to the black community and the American community in general. 

Tracee Ellis Ross - Lifetime Intimate Portrait

Jesmyn Ward's 2011 National Book Award in Fiction acceptance speech

Jesmyn Ward on "Salvage the Bones" and the National Book Award

Jesmyn Ward reads from her novel, Salvage the Bones at the 2011 NBA Fina...

Jesmyn Ward discusses Where the Line Bleeds

Dorothy Surrenders: We will do it

Dorothy Surrenders: We will do it: Us ladies, we’ve had a rough go of it in the political arena of late. Men folk keep thinking they know what’s best for us. They want to tell...I love this pictorial representation of women who can and will do it for themselves!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

VegEZ podcast

VegEZ podcast

This is my favorite VEGGie web site! Watch and enjoy! Try some too!

JP school psychologist defends 'racist' online posts | New Orleans - WDSU Home

JP school psychologist defends 'racist' online posts | New Orleans - WDSU Home

What a CROCK! Another RACIST who spouted his RACIST hated via his Twitter account and was caught & called out! Naturally his response, "Why whatever do you mean? I am not a RACIST,  I don't know any RACIST... blah...blah..." These ppl make me sick. Their hearts overflow the truth about who they really are! RACIST, plain and simple!
And this dude is a phychologist! what a joke !!!1

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Werdesheim Trial | Breaking News for Black America

Werdesheim Trial | Breaking News for Black America

How much more of this will the African-American community have to endure? The idea that these Jewish brothers can't get a fair trial because of the number of African-Americans that could possibly serve on the jury is nonsense. Where does that leave the notion of justice for the 15 year old African-American male they accosted and beat in the streets because (oh here we go again) "They didn't think he belonge there?"  By the way, the "there" is their neighborhood. I am curious about where people like the George Zimmermens of the world think African-Americans and people of African descent in America belong???

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Playing the Friendship Card: White Lies, White Denial and the Reality of Racism

Playing the Friendship Card: White Lies, White Denial and the Reality of Racism

Read it! it's the absolute truth! 

Saying that "some of my best friends are black" is not some automatic switch that disqualifies you from being an actual RACIST! It's the oldest phrase, in the proverbial book that all RACIST must read, memorize and ultimately chant in grand cacophonies, upon being caught in their acts of RACISM.  Each time some RACIST does something RACIST they bemoan the fact that they are thrown into the pit with other RACIST!  Then they yell! They scream! They kick against rocks trying to convince somebody, mainly themselves, that they are not RACIST!

You're telling lies!

Because out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks, and so


Your mouth told on you and revealed the truth to us all!

NOW we know your heart!

Accept it! That is the beginning of all change!
Perhaps you don't want to change. I mean it's been 400+ years!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Published: April 01, 2012

Tampa, Fla.

IN the mid-1930s, a Yale anthropologist ventured to an unnamed town in the South to explore the feudal divisions of what we commonly call race but what he preferred to describe with the more layered language of caste. When he arrived - white, earnest and fresh from the North - white Southerners told him that a Northerner would soon enough "feel about Negroes as Southerners do." In making that prediction, the anthropologist John Dollard wrote in his seminal study "Caste and Class in a Southern Town," they are saying "that he joins the white caste. The solicitation is extremely active, though informal, and one must stand by one's caste to survive."

Americans tend to think of the rigid stratification of caste as a distant notion from feudal Europe or Victorian India. But caste is alive and well in this country, where a still unsettled multiracial society is emerging from the starkly drawn social order that Dollard described. Assumptions about one's place in this new social order have become a muddying subtext in the case of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teenager slain at the hands of an overzealous neighborhood watch captain, who is the son of a white father and a Peruvian mother.

We do not know what George Zimmerman was thinking as he watched Mr. Martin from afar, told a 911 dispatcher that he looked suspicious and ultimately shot him. But we do know that it happened in central Florida, a region whose demographic landscape is rapidly changing, where unprecedented numbers of Latino immigrants have arrived at a place still scarred by the history of a vigilante-enforced caste system and the stereotypes that linger from it. In this context, newcomers - like previous waves of immigrants in the past - may feel pressed to identify with the dominant caste and distance themselves from blacks, in order to survive.

A study released in 2006 by Duke University on attitudes on race in Durham, N.C., a city with one of the fastest-growing Latino populations in the country, found that an overwhelming majority of Latinos - 78 percent - felt they had the most in common with whites, while 53 percent of them felt they had the least in common with blacks. So it would make sense for those respondents to act with the same assumptions about blacks that they perceive are held by native whites. In fact the Latino respondents, many of them immigrants from Mexico and Central America, actually reported higher negative feelings toward blacks than most native-born whites. Nearly 60 percent reported feeling that few or almost no blacks were hard-working or could be trusted, while only 10 percent of whites held that view.

On the other hand, almost three-quarters of blacks felt that Latinos were hard-working or could be trusted. Black Americans appear to view Latinos as more like themselves. "Blacks are not as negative toward Latinos as Latinos are toward blacks because blacks see them as another nonwhite group that will be treated as they have been," said Paula D. McClain, the lead author on the study. Even as blacks worry about losing jobs to new immigrants, they are less supportive of harsh anti-immigration laws, she said, "because they know what laws have done to them."

But shared hardships don't necessarily make allies. "As linked fate rises, so does competition," said Michael Jones-Correa, a professor of government at Cornell who specializes in immigration and interethnic relations. "It's like a sibling rivalry," he said. "This is not a painless relationship." And, of course, Latino immigrants don't just enter a pre-existing racial hierarchy; they bring with them their own assumptions based on the hierarchies in their home countries. "When we come to the U.S.," Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, a professor of sociology at Duke, who is Puerto Rican, said, "we immediately recognize whites on top and blacks on the bottom and say, 'My job is to be anything but black.' "

This uneasy coexistence has had tragic consequences in the past. A series of riots broke out in Miami in the 1980s after several black men were shot dead by Latino police officers who claimed self-defense and were later acquitted. In 1982 in Miami, a 20-year-old black man named Nevell Johnson Jr. was killed at a video arcade by a white, Cuban-born police officer. Seven years later, after a routine traffic stop in that same Miami neighborhood, a black man riding a motorcycle, Clement Anthony Lloyd, was shot dead by a Colombian-born police officer. The motorcycle then crashed; another black man who was riding on the back died the next day.

Just last year in California, a gang of 51 people, mostly Latinos, were indicted in the San Gabriel Valley, east of Los Angeles, after a 15-year campaign of assaults and firebombings of African-American residents, whom they were trying to force out of the neighborhood.

In this atmosphere, blacks are the target of the highest number of hate crimes in the United States, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation - higher by a wide margin than any another group of Americans by race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability. While blacks make up 12.6 percent of the country's population, they were 70 percent of the victims of racial hate crimes in 2010.

WHATEVER role caste may have played in the Trayvon Martin case is unknowable, and it is far too early to tell whether Mr. Zimmerman will be arrested, tried or convicted. But that encounter unfolded in Seminole County, where Latinos have overtaken African-Americans as the dominant minority group, rising to 17 percent from 11 percent in the last decade. Blacks now make up 11 percent and whites, 66 percent. The area had a history of vigilante justice long before the new arrivals, dating back to 1920, when blacks in the nearby town of Ocoee were burned out of their homes after two black men tried to vote.

Despite all that has gone before, there is reason for optimism. One of the great tragedies of the last century was the pitting of immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe against African-Americans who had migrated from the rural South to the industrial North. Both groups were seeking the same thing and were pretty much the same people - people of the land trying to make a way for their families in forbidding and alien places. Fear, suspicion and uneven access to unions, jobs and housing kept them apart. Firebombings and white flight followed, and we are still living with the aftereffects of those divisions.

The arrival of a new kind of immigrant to a country that has endured so much discord offers a chance for re-examination and redemption. Indeed, one of the most encouraging signs noted by Mr. Jones-Correa is that Latinos are maintaining a distinct identity and are increasingly choosing to be identified as "other" rather than black or white. "We have a history of immigrants coming to America and proving themselves as American by identifying as white," he said. "Latinos see themselves as a third category. I think they will continue as a third position beyond the black and white rhetoric."

John Dollard was told time and again that he would come to see the lowest caste of the South the same way that those who had devised the caste system did. He resisted that impulse and instead chose to lay bare the divisions in a hope that they one day might end. Now, 75 years later, a death in Florida gives all of us the chance to reflect on the meaning of that choice.

Isabel Wilkerson is a former national correspondent and bureau chief for The New York Times and the author of "The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration."

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Condition of Broken Hearts

While listening to Hill Harper's Letters to a Young Sister, I was struck by an interesting statement regarding the condition of broken hearts.
Some people believe that a broken heart is an open heart. This is the point Hill makes in his book, but the flip of this belief is that in many instances, broken hearts are completely closed and sealed by the jagged edges of brokeness!