Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am slave {1/8}

This movie, I Am Slave, is based on a book I read in 2004 entitled Slave by Mendi Nazar. It is about a young girl of 12 who was enslaved after her village was attacked and demolished by Arabic Muslims. Mendi was held in slavery for 6 years by an Arabic family. Afterwards, They sent her to London to be a slave in London for the sister of the women who was her master. In London Mendi took advantage of an opportunity and escaped from her enslavement. Mendi wrote about her travails in the aforementioned book. There are 8 parts to this movie on Youtube; I am only posting one. You can check it out for yourself. Oh! I you read the book, for I am sure it is filled with details that could not be contained and a one to two hour movie. It will blow your mind!

The Injustice of it all!

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