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RANDOM: Symbols of Death in AncientTimes

If you are like me, and you have noticed the statues built in memory of ancient warriors, then you may have wondered about the meaning of each statue.

a.   If there is a statue and the horse is on all four legs, the person died of natural causes. 

b.  If the house has one leg lifted, the person died from a wound in battle. 

c.  If the horse has two legs lifted, the person died in battle. 

"Black Freeloaders

Mitt Romney seems to think that all black people in America are freeloaders.  

Whiteness, in all of it's ugly glory is on display! It continues to show it's depravity and emptiness, and as the old folks would say, it has shown its behind!

To call ALL African-Americans freeloaders is to fly in the face of historical accuracy (the redaction and revision of history). Frankly, on some level, there is no real adherence to historical accuracy in America. Read a high school history textbook and you will see how information is glossed over or systematically omitted. 

If the truth about history were taught in America, Mitt Romney would never have been able to formulate such words in his mouth; he would know the truth, which is that people of European descent/white people as a group would best be described as The Universal Freeloader. Historically, they went about from country to country-nation to nation destroying, pillaging, raping, murdering and enslaving people who did not look like them. It is because of the free labor of  these people of African descent,  of Asian-Indian descent, of Indian descent and more who created the wealth that white people  around the world so enjoy today. 

Due to their "internalized whiteness" white people believe that they "worked" for what they have. They believe that what they have is the result of merit. They believe they are entitled to all the wealth in the world. They never consider the fact that, especially in America, they did not work for anything! They have what they have because of historical, traditional Affirmative Action and set aside programs. Programs put in place before Roosevelt and during his development of the New Deal policies. Under these policies people of African descent were declared the "eternal anti-neighbor"  and as such are not entitled to the things of  that excluded African-Americans on all levels. 


Things Fall Apart is a fascinating story written by Chinua Achebe. It is the story of how white missionaries' idea of civilizing savage Africa through the use of Christian ideals assaulted Nigerian IBO culture forever. The book describes an authentic African tribal life before and after white missionaries arrive. Okonkwo, The main character, is flawed but sympathetic. He spends a great deal of time trying to avoid the weaknesses of his father. If you do not know or understand the story of African colonization, this is a great read! It creates a vivid and compelling picture of what transpired between Africans and white colonizers.

Clip On Intergenerational Movement Building, from New Film Featuring Angela Davis and Tim Wise, in Conversation

Clip On Intergenerational Movement Building, from New Film Featuring Angela Davis and Tim Wise, in Conversation

Clip of Tim Wise discussing Allyship and Solidarity, from New Film, Featuring Angela Davis and Tim Wise in Conversation

Clip of Tim Wise discussing Allyship and Solidarity, from New Film, Featuring Angela Davis and Tim Wise in Conversation

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thank You Gabby and Ron

Thank You Gabby and Ron: Sign our card thanking Gabby for her service and congratulating Ron on his big win!

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Rough Crossings 1/9

Rough Crossing is about the intersection of African, American and British History. It begins with African slaves who fought for the British during the American Revolution in 1776, upon the promise of freedom. "Come over to our side and we will give you your freedom!"  At war's end, these veteran slaves were transported to Nova Scotia only to find that they were met with more vicious, hardcore, white racist and barren land. "There was a degrading and unjust prejudice towards blacks." They were not much better off than slaves. Eventually 1,192 blacks, under the leadership of John Clarkson, a white Brit working for the Sierra Leone Company, signed on to be transplanted back to Africa where they hoped for complete freedom in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Africa. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Black Women, Image and Respect

No Disrespect | Bitch Media

From the moment, black women set foot on American shores, there has been an issue concerning her Black Female/Woman Image and Respectability! Black Women receive a minuscule amount of Respect in the world, and she has to fight for that!  White male slavers and their women started this process of dehumanization. They, then, passed the baton to black men (especially those of the hip hop persuasion)  who continue to break world records in this race against the black woman, her image, her children, her accomplishments and her contributions to the black community and the American community in general. 

Tracee Ellis Ross - Lifetime Intimate Portrait

Jesmyn Ward's 2011 National Book Award in Fiction acceptance speech

Jesmyn Ward on "Salvage the Bones" and the National Book Award

Jesmyn Ward reads from her novel, Salvage the Bones at the 2011 NBA Fina...

Jesmyn Ward discusses Where the Line Bleeds

Dorothy Surrenders: We will do it

Dorothy Surrenders: We will do it: Us ladies, we’ve had a rough go of it in the political arena of late. Men folk keep thinking they know what’s best for us. They want to tell...I love this pictorial representation of women who can and will do it for themselves!

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