Monday, January 18, 2010

Post-Racial What!!!????? America!!!

The idea that there is a so-called Post-Racial America does not exist. What exactly does that term mean and isn't that all relevant to the times at hand? I assure you that Race is alive and well in America. It will never die! It is the foundation on which America was built. Whatever will Racist do if we actually lived in a Post-Racial America. Moreover, the election of a black president is no indicator of the ablution of Racist and their Racism. In fact, racist crawled out of their closets and popped up from hell to attack the President and his family in every way their hearts desire. They continue to attack and as far as I am concerned, the attacks are all based on race. The idea that some whites believe that they are better than African-Americans, Africans and any other person of color is absurd. All of this nonsense is based on the fact that white people are white and black people are not. The older I get the more ridiculous the idea! In addition, Racist whites have historically and traditionally painted blacks as if they are outside of the grace of God.

Let's take Pat Robinson's comments about the Haitians in response to the tragic 2010 earthquake. He basically said that Haitians are outside of the grace of God because of some illedged pact made with the devil 200 years ago during the time when Haiti beat back Napoleon and his French army to win their freedom. This statement is based on race and only race. He looked at their black skin, demonized and dehumanized them and was quick with his mouth to contextualize those black people in some social location of "the cursed". This is what Racist have done for centuries concerning blacks. This comes from the The slave Owners Manual and it begs the question, What's the difference between them and Mr. Robinson who calls himself a minister of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How does his comments glorify God? Does his comments uplift the church? Do they encourage the people of Haiti to survive. What I will say to Mr. Robinson is this: sometimes the greatest gift we can give humanity is our silence.

Rush L. is just another hateful, vicious racist who needs to go take a pill.

"The heart of man is evil and desperately wicked above all else."

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