Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Black Writers/Black Literature

I thought this article written by Bernice McFadden regarding the ghettoizing of black writers and black literature was an interesting and thought provoking read. She says that white writers who write about African-Americans are lauded and receive more accolades for their work than do African-Americans who write about the same subjects. Moreover, the writings of whites are viewed as universal and marked as such. Similar works by African-Americans are marginalized and receive little to no marketing as universal works. She argues that this difference is related to one thing only-RACISM! It seems that whites who write about blacks do an excellent job of maintaining White Supremacy and Black Inferiority which is always the goal in America. The article is published in the Washington Post and entitled Why Can't Black Writers Escape the Literary Ghetto.

Read it for yourself. A link is provided. What do you think??

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