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DR CLAUD ANDERSON - How Black People In USA Can Become RICH & POWERFUL N...

DR CLAUD ANDERSON - How Black People In USA Can Become RICH & POWERFUL N...

How Affirmative Action Has Hurt Black People and How Hispanics Overtook ...

Why Black People Are At The Bottom and How To Rise Up Dr. Claude Anderson

DesireƩ Dallagiacomo & FreeQuency - "American Rape Culture"

Tonya Ingram - "Thirteen" (NPS 2013)

Tonya Ingram - "Unsolicited Advice (after Jeanann Verlee)" (CUPSI 2013 F...

Tonya Ingram & Venessa Marco - "Khaleesi"

Neiel Israel - "When a Black Man Walks" (NPS 2014)

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Nell Irvin Painter: The History of White People

Harry Belafonte receives the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 201...

"Skinned" Official Trailer

Hating Harriet Tubman - Russell Simmons Legacy

Game of Thrones The Bigots of Winterfell: A Racial Analysis

Game of Thrones The Bigots of Winterfell: A Racial Analysis

"The Isis Papers Revisited: Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Interview" 3/9/2011

Dr Frances C Welsing Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act

Dr Frances C Welsing Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act

Friday, September 5, 2014

White Racism Joins Forces

White Racism joins forces as white teachers defy dress code to wear T-shirts in support of the NYPD.

ARE White teachers essentially  expressing their support for the School to prison pipeline!

Are White teachers expressing SUPPORT for the unjustified murder via choke-hold of a black man?

Frankly, as a teacher, I am appalled!

Black parents have a right to view these white teachers suspiciously!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shame Theory

Shame Theory is legislated by the government.

Shame is powerful!
My take away from many of the lectures of Melissa Harris- Perry.

Categories of Shame:

Shame is:

One's Image is shamed: 
*Skin color
*Hair type
*Body type/shape
There is a particular kind of shame is hammered out onto the bodies of black women in America and the world.
* Reproduction: Too many black babies born without fathers & are dependent on the government. The truth is that there are more white women on welfare. Next in line are the Mexicans. Black women are third in the welfare line.
*Welfare Queens:A complete lie conjured up by Ronald Reagan, the white, racist, witch doctor, via his Southern Strategy and the politics of race.
*Poverty: Homelessness, as many black women are evicted as black men are in prison.
*Aesthetics:  Hair type(wearing weave vs wearing natural hair), nose shape, lip thickness, light skin/dark skin, color of eyes etc
*Insufficient Mothers: Hollywood has shown black mothers to be the bane of the black child's existence-wholly negative and deplorable. These portrayal  make Mommy Dearest look like Mother of the Year.

This Shame Theory is:
*Tied to anxiety

*The overproduction of the stress enzyme cortisol
*Equals fat in the middle (midsection)
Chronic shame overworks the Endocrine System and it's implicate in black women's health issues.

*The shaming gaze is totalizing and makes women want to hide, to disappear, to be invisible.

Myths about shame:
*Respect counters shame. This is a complete lie especially when dealing with people and the people who run entities who have nearly emptied themselves of their own humanity. They have no self-respect; therefore, they do no respect any other representation of humanity. White Racism/White Supremacy does not have any Respect for anything that does not act like it, walk like it, talk like it and most of all look like it.

Quote Flow

The Rhetoric that flows forth from the mouths of the RIGHT EXTREME is meant to bring death. Me

"The evil that lives in the world is ruthless and powerful."

"The poor, The blacks, and the indigent become the stepping stones of the careers for those who make it up!"

"The stick floor of the pink ghetto." Gloria Stienum

"The doctrine of White Supremacy is a stupendous delusion, and people who cling to their delusions find it difficult if not impossible to learn anything worth learning." James Baldwin

"To be born black in America is an immediate moral challenge." Baldwin 

BLACK Actress | Episode 1 - feat. Tatyana Ali

Venus vs Mars Pilot Episode

the Unwritten Rules: Ep. 1 "First Day"

#Unfamous Ep. 1 | Welcome To Brompton (via @The_Unfamous)

Tools of The Great America Double Think: Audre Lorde

In her book, "Sister Outsider" Audre Lorde, responds to the article "Angry Black Feminist" written by Robert Staples. Audre lays out the tools of the Great American Double Think.

1.  Blame the VICTIM.

2.  Divide and CONQUER.

3.  Keep the people OPPRESSED with the master's Concerns.

I find that Ms. Lorde is correct in her assessment. At every level, the American Machine deploys said tools, to maintain white Supremacy, to maintain black Inferiority, and in that way, the sort of CAPITALISM, that really isn't capitalism at all, that keeps the masses at bay financially, poor, and overwrought  prevails again and again.

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The Case for Repatations

Saturday, April 26, 2014

America's Failure

Jeremiah Wright: "God Damn America":

Monday, April 21, 2014


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jews Passover and the Soviet Union

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Mandela Rivonia Speech

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Tale of Post-Racist America

The Lynching Dummy

They always say their actions were misrepresented.They always say they didn't intend to offend anyone. They always say they are not racist, but we know better!

Malcolm X

Friday, April 18, 2014

Last Chance High

Expelled From Every Other School: Last Chance Hig…:
Stealing Africa - Why Poverty?:
Philippe Diaz interview: "The End of Poverty?" wi…:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

White Noise, Black Politics | The Nation

White Noise, Black Politics | The Nation

In White America's version of Noah's Ark,

There are no black people present on Noah's Ark!

There are no black people present when God destroys the world!

There are no black people present when God reconstructs the world!

There are no black people present durnig the stages of nation building!

Black people  have been ERASED!

The director's response to the nonexistance of black people in the film: He wants it to be a film that everyone can see.


Erasure is problamatic!


are bantered about daily.

Since the election of the first African-American president in America, President Obama, these words/phrases have been unearthed and flung from the guts of every guilt ridden, white, racist looking for a salve to ease the pain of white guilt. This guilt is theirs and theirs alone; it is rooted in their participation in and perpetuation of the enslavement of Africans in America! "White Noise" lurches from the earth's floor, pings on the four walls of America while blaring, screaming, denying blackness and the existance of an entire nation of people whom they WRONGED for four generations.

246 years!

 DENY! DENY! DENY! Their refrain.

I am sick of their noise!

Erasure is problamatic!


 I don't like

"White Noise."

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

White Racist Teacher Orders an Attack on one of her Black Male Students

No White People In America in the year 2050

Saturday, April 12, 2014

America Was Never a DEMOCRACY

Dr. Umar Johnson on Government Shutdown: