Saturday, November 27, 2010

Witch Hunt in the Dominican Republic

There is a Witch Hunt occurring in the Dominican Republic. Currently the government of the Dominican Republic is denying the children and grandchildren of Haitian Immigrants access to legal copies of their birth certificates. It seems that having "extremely dark skin" and a "weird last name" is an indication that one's nationality may be questionable. The major problem is that the Haitians in question are legal citizens of Dominica; ( in accordance with the Constitution) for they were born in the country; yet, they are having to fight court battles for up to four years to get legal copies of birth certificates. Without copies of their birth certificates, Haitians are unable to enroll in high school, University, maintain or acquire employment. This means that the government of the Dominican Republic is seeking to denationalize its Haitian citizens. In doing so, Haitians are being marginalized, pushed to the edges of society in Dominica. Haitians are forced to work for pennies and accept the crumbs thrown their way. Moreover, they are being rendered powerless and voiceless. Dominica is essentially creating a New Slave State! Now this is CAPITALISTIC! Its Capitalism at its best-Pure evil and oppressive!
Oh! The injustice of it all!

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