Friday, December 28, 2012

The End of Poverty? | Watch the Documentary Film Free Online | SnagFilms

The End of Poverty? | Watch the Documentary Film Free Online | SnagFilms

This film clearly explains why the rest of the world is poor-steeped in POVERTY and Europeans-white people have a great deal of the earth's resources and wealth. Europeans basically robbed every nation of all kinds of CAPITAL: Human and Physical and Land and Labor! They are so far ahead of others because they operated like the devil operates.... 
"The thief comes to Kill, steal, and destroy..." and boy did they lie!

Magic Johnson’s New ASPiRE TV Network Goes Live ('Different Starts Now') | Shadow and Act

Magic Johnson’s New ASPiRE TV Network Goes Live ('Different Starts Now') | Shadow and Act

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Mike Huckabee

Dear Mr. Huckabee,

If you knew anything about the God of Christianity, you would not make such ignorant statements. Saying something to the effect that the chaos of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is a result of God being put out of the school system shows that you don't know God at all! If you knew the Christian God, you would know that this God can't be put out of any place. If Christians were employed and present at Sandy Hook Elementary School on that dreadful day, and it is highly probable, then so was God because God lives in his people.
Mr. Huckabee your binary thinking lacks depth and any sort of spiritual intelligence/logic. In fact it shows that your spiritual IQ is extraordinarily low. Moreover, your statements are insulting to the memory of the teachers, the principal and  the LSSP who gave their lives trying to save children. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Forgotten Things

A thought after having read James Baldwin's The Devil Finds Work: 

Forgotten things are undone! 

Indeed the Devil is not unemployed! Along the way he is assisted in his work endeavors by men. These men allow the devil to use them to commit the most heinous acts and unspeakable crimes against humanity. The mall shootings in Organ; the school shootings in CT, reminds me of the act of forgetting, the disappearing act, America likes to perform after the worst of anything has passed.

Puff.....Poof....... all...... gone!

Because of the healthy disrespect towards history and facts and truth that abides in certain segments of America-Americans forget! As a result, we, in America keep living the same nightmare over again and again.

School Shootings
Mall Shootings
Shooting Chicago's children
Shooting black children
Black males lynched by guns: walking home from stores
sitting in the back seat of vehicles 
Police bullet lynch black, elderly Veteran in his home
Luby's shooting
Movie theater massacre 
Postoffice shootings
Gym shootings
University massacre
Urban shootings
Suburban shootings
It's everywhere
And there is no escape
For we are America
We are Society

Guns are/have become weapons of mass destruction; they do not belong on our streets; they do not belong in the hands of ordinary citizens.  Guns especially automatic rifles must be heavily regulated!

When will we in America REMEMBER and change the nightmare into a dream, one that includes all Americans?

If we simply turn our heads and hearts and return to our lives after the hype around the CT school shootings, we will become undone again because the forgotten things are undone!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Doctor Bello Trailer (A Tony Abulu Film) - Black Ivory Communications- H...

Toussant L'Ovuerture-Haiti

Toussant L'Ouverture was an African slave in Haiti. He and 600 other Africans, held in slavery, staged the first successful uprising,  or revolt, against the great Napoleon Bonaparte and the French army. This is the only time in the history of the world in which African slaves won their freedom and established a sovereign nation-Haiti. After winning their freedom and nation Toussant called for the freedom of Africans in America.

Toussaint Louverture Movie Trailer