Thursday, June 27, 2013

Black Self Racism and The Trial of Rachel Jenteal | AwfBase

Black Self Racism and The Trial of Rachel Jenteal | AwfBase
You black!
You so blackkkkkkk!
Oooh! You so blaccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
You Black and Ugly!
Syncopated tune!
Sounding Gong!
Lacks Love! 
Devoid of Humanity!
Empty of Compassion! 
Black Self-Hatred rears its ugly head again in the Trayvon Martian trial. Blacks-people of African-descent, African-Americans, black Haitians, black islanders, Cushites, Kushites, the sons and daughters of Ham-people of African descent are packing the baton of the White, Racist Establishment as they hurl racial slurs and skin color insults at Rachel Jenteal, the 19 year old young woman testifying as the star witness for the prosecution! Ironically the hatred heaped on the heads and souls and hearts of Africans during enslavement and/or colonization and other instances of suppression, oppression and genocide caused Self-hatred to take root. It is internalized! It festers and bubbles over! It is poison! 
It is a stronghold.
It is a three-stranded cord, not easily broken!   People of African descent, ever watchful, though they be!
Out of their historical context-sitting on a heap of skin lighteners and hair straighteners, though they are, have become some of the greatest racist (against themselves) on the planet!

Black Self-Hatred will be the demise of the entire African Race. 

When will we learn to love ourselves and our black neighbors like wise?

When will we lighten our eyes with goodness and love our skin tone?
    "Black people are always looking for deficiencies in 
          each other." James Weldon Johnson, The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man

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