Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Black Freeloaders

Mitt Romney seems to think that all black people in America are freeloaders.  

Whiteness, in all of it's ugly glory is on display! It continues to show it's depravity and emptiness, and as the old folks would say, it has shown its behind!

To call ALL African-Americans freeloaders is to fly in the face of historical accuracy (the redaction and revision of history). Frankly, on some level, there is no real adherence to historical accuracy in America. Read a high school history textbook and you will see how information is glossed over or systematically omitted. 

If the truth about history were taught in America, Mitt Romney would never have been able to formulate such words in his mouth; he would know the truth, which is that people of European descent/white people as a group would best be described as The Universal Freeloader. Historically, they went about from country to country-nation to nation destroying, pillaging, raping, murdering and enslaving people who did not look like them. It is because of the free labor of  these people of African descent,  of Asian-Indian descent, of Indian descent and more who created the wealth that white people  around the world so enjoy today. 

Due to their "internalized whiteness" white people believe that they "worked" for what they have. They believe that what they have is the result of merit. They believe they are entitled to all the wealth in the world. They never consider the fact that, especially in America, they did not work for anything! They have what they have because of historical, traditional Affirmative Action and set aside programs. Programs put in place before Roosevelt and during his development of the New Deal policies. Under these policies people of African descent were declared the "eternal anti-neighbor"  and as such are not entitled to the things of  that excluded African-Americans on all levels. 


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