Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Mike Huckabee

Dear Mr. Huckabee,

If you knew anything about the God of Christianity, you would not make such ignorant statements. Saying something to the effect that the chaos of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is a result of God being put out of the school system shows that you don't know God at all! If you knew the Christian God, you would know that this God can't be put out of any place. If Christians were employed and present at Sandy Hook Elementary School on that dreadful day, and it is highly probable, then so was God because God lives in his people.
Mr. Huckabee your binary thinking lacks depth and any sort of spiritual intelligence/logic. In fact it shows that your spiritual IQ is extraordinarily low. Moreover, your statements are insulting to the memory of the teachers, the principal and  the LSSP who gave their lives trying to save children. 

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