Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shame Theory

Shame Theory is legislated by the government.

Shame is powerful!
My take away from many of the lectures of Melissa Harris- Perry.

Categories of Shame:

Shame is:

One's Image is shamed: 
*Skin color
*Hair type
*Body type/shape
There is a particular kind of shame is hammered out onto the bodies of black women in America and the world.
* Reproduction: Too many black babies born without fathers & are dependent on the government. The truth is that there are more white women on welfare. Next in line are the Mexicans. Black women are third in the welfare line.
*Welfare Queens:A complete lie conjured up by Ronald Reagan, the white, racist, witch doctor, via his Southern Strategy and the politics of race.
*Poverty: Homelessness, as many black women are evicted as black men are in prison.
*Aesthetics:  Hair type(wearing weave vs wearing natural hair), nose shape, lip thickness, light skin/dark skin, color of eyes etc
*Insufficient Mothers: Hollywood has shown black mothers to be the bane of the black child's existence-wholly negative and deplorable. These portrayal  make Mommy Dearest look like Mother of the Year.

This Shame Theory is:
*Tied to anxiety

*The overproduction of the stress enzyme cortisol
*Equals fat in the middle (midsection)
Chronic shame overworks the Endocrine System and it's implicate in black women's health issues.

*The shaming gaze is totalizing and makes women want to hide, to disappear, to be invisible.

Myths about shame:
*Respect counters shame. This is a complete lie especially when dealing with people and the people who run entities who have nearly emptied themselves of their own humanity. They have no self-respect; therefore, they do no respect any other representation of humanity. White Racism/White Supremacy does not have any Respect for anything that does not act like it, walk like it, talk like it and most of all look like it.

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