Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear White Women: The Costars in White Male Supremacy

Dear White Women,

  You are "without understanding untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful and... not only do you do these things, but you agree with those who do." Romans 1: 31-32
You have remained virtually silent in the case of Trayvon Martian, the 17 year old African-American teenager who was murdered by George Zimmerman, a half-white/half-Latino, vigilante-racist with a gun. You collude with and are costars in this society of White Male Supremacy which heaps violence upon black bodies without redress-making life a living hell for African-Americans in America. You are complicit in the death and destruction of a people! 
Be ye warned, these same white males to whom you wed your very soul will turn on you. In fact, the turning has begun in Texas & North Carolina concerning the Reproductive Rights of women white women. Since White males & Pseudo white males will, at will, shoot and kill the bodies of my black babies these new extreme Reproductive Laws are not being put in place to force black women, to produce babies, and bodies and human beings. No!
Your silence is a Crime Against Humanity
Do you expect black women or black people to form collations with you in your time of need?
You have made it clear that you are nothing more than cowards! 
And as God turns his face away from sinners, we will turn our backs on you when another white male, to whom you are wed, guns down your babies.

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