Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Black Invention-Inventors in Communications

African-American Inventors: These are the Voices speaking from the Margins of America!

1.   Granville T. W: Telephone System and Apparatus/Relay Instruments/Apparatus for Transmission of Messages by Electricity
Improved the transmission of voice and sound over the telephone, making it easier to hear and understand what the other person is saying. Reduced the amount of interference from neighboring lines.
Like the modern telephone, the Relay Instrument used a combination of electricity and magnets which improved the construction and sensitivity of inductive telegraphy.
The Apparatus for Transmission of Messages allowed the transmitting of signal and voice messages over the same line without changing instruments. 

2.  Philip B. Downing: The Letter Box as it was called then. You know it as the Mail Box today
Downing designed the mailbox to help protect the mail and to make it easily accessible by the mailman (woman) to help make his/her job a litter easier.  Today public mailboxes can be found on almost every city street.

3.  Newman R. Marshman & Lee S. Burridge: Type Writing Machine or Type Writer
The basic function and operation of the typewriter has been incorporated into today's computers and word processors.  

4.  William B. Pervis: The Fountain Pen
Before this new invention that has a built-in ink reservoir that would automatically feed ink to the point of the pen, people had to carry around bottles of ink (inkwells) to fill their fountain pens.

5.  Joseph H. Dickinson: The Player Piano or what is know as The Piano Player today
This was used to play all forms of music for every occasion; it became an indispensable form of entertainment.

6.  Robert F. Flemmings, Jr.  The Guitar
Flemmings made improvements which enhanced the melodic tones and increased the volume in the guitar strings. He made it more sensitive to the touch which made it easier on the fingers while playing.

7.  W. A. Lavalette: The Printing Press
Lavalette made overall improvements to the earlier model of the printing press. His improvements to the construction of the press made it faster, easier to use and the actual printing easier to read.

8.  Joseph Hunter Dickinson:  The Arm for Recording Machine
Dickinson's invention helped to improve the sound quality of the earlier model of record player. The tone arm gave a richer tone to the record and the horn helped to control the volume so that the music could be heard from a greater distance.

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