Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shadow and Act | Cinema of the African Diaspora

Shadow and Act | Cinema of the African Diaspora

A new documentary film is coming out this fall! It's regarding how dark skin people, especially women, are treated in America and the world at large. Historically, this racial bias is a direct result of the African Slave Trade that occurred in America in the seventeenth century. Around the world, Europeans have historically and traditionally imbued the human race with this existing skin color prejudice. From America to Africa to India to South America to Mexico, dark skin women are daily slapped in the face with this peril, treated like outcast and generally ignored in public discourse.

What you will learn is that to be light skin and black is to be black and as a result, you endure the prejudices that go along with that, but to be dark skin and black is to be "black and ugly" and there is a wholly different set of hurdles that one has to jumped-stigmas, prejudices, stereotypes, bigotry and overall hatreds (in addition to the ones experienced by lighter skin blacks) that must be endure and overcome only to be on the same level with lighter skin counterparts.

Finally, this group of black people have been given a voice, and for the sake of humanity, The world should listen!

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